Most of the portraits I have painted intuitively and they tend to be expressive. I use acrylic paint and apply it on canvas using brushes, knives, even flowers, pieces of cloth and my fingers.


Naive paintings 

One day, when I was feeling a bit sad, I created this painting. It resulted in a colour study and a series of naive paintings expressing different emotions and life situations that can call for a little help and support. I collected most of them in a video adding text to each picture. 



Patterns are fascinating. They can be a huge driving force in people's lives, for good and for bad... When I became more aware of the patterns in my life, the ones I wanted to get rid of and the ones I wanted to keep and cherish, birds popped up in my mind and they have been chasing me ever since. 


Healing Journey

Healing Journey is a series of paintings that illustrate the journey the heart and the soul have to go through after a deep personal crisis. The series has been on a physical exhibition March 2019. An online version of the exhibition is available here.