The power of forgiveness


When I was hurting really bad, I got overwhelmed with feelings I didn't even know I had. Words were not enough, so I started painting to express my pain. My healing process had begun. 

This process led me to a path of acknowledgment, forgiveness and even gratitude. 

Today, I feel liberated, my heart can sing again and I want to share my experience, hoping it will help somebody, somehow, somewhere.

When somebody has hurt you, it can be hard to forgive that person. But forgiving is more about you and moving on than it is about the other person.

It's not about forgetting and it's not about making things right again. It's not about submitting to the wrongdoing or turning a blind eye either.

It's about accepting the reality of what has happened and its consequences and acknowledging your feelings about it. It's about taking responsibility and act accordingly. It's about changing what you can about what you don't like or want anymore. It's about choosing growth and setting yourself free.

For this to happen, you need to open your heart and mind so truth and wisdom can come in and heal your soul. This might seem scary and painful but it's a liberating process that will make you grow and open up to a better and happier life again.

You're vulnerable when you are healing, so make sure you surround yourself with good people and good things and be kind to yourself during this period. Give yourself time and listen to your heart.

Putting what happened in a bigger or different perspective or taking a distance from certain persons or situations that have led to you hurting can help push your healing process forward. It's certainly worth a try.

Lots of luck and healing to those of you out there going through a rough time.