A doorway to moving on


’Old age, share your wisdom with me. Your eyes tell me there is so much I do not know yet. Your wrinkles breathe understanding, your smile comfort and safety. Let me be like you. Show me the way home.’

This is one of my favorite paintings. It was part of the ‘Healing Journey’ exhibition in 2019. The exhibition consisted of a series of paintings depicting the phases you need to go through to heal the heart after a personal crisis.

This painting, called ‘Acceptance’ appeared near the end of that journey. In this phase, the heart and the mind agree on letting go of past grievances, hurts, worn out ideas and patterns.

The woman in the painting symbolizes a time where the hurt ego has made room for more tolerance, compassion, and peace of mind. She has come to a stage in her life when acceptance is the only way forward.

This is also a huge breakthrough towards leading a more satisfied life, and one step closer to ‘home’.

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