A closer look at friendships


I am a real friend person. There is something very attractive about spending time with other people on a purely voluntary basis. Each of my friends is special and unique, and I treasure them all. Let's dive in and find out a bit more about friendship and why they matter.

Show me your true colors


I like people who are different and stand out from the crowd. It takes courage to be yourself, especially if that means challenging the status quo. Some call these rare species 'drama queens'. I prefer 'change agents'. Some say these people are flaunting their feathers. I just wish everybody would start to show their true colors.


Create your own reality


Creativity provides an escape from the mundane realities of everyday life. It gets me into a flow that helps me renew my energy and make me feel happy and free.

A doorway to moving on


’Old age, share your wisdom with me. Your eyes tell me there is so much I do not know yet. Your wrinkles breathe understanding, your smile comfort and safety. Let me be like you. Show me the way home.’

The power of forgiveness


When I was hurting really bad, I got overwhelmed with feelings I didn't even know I had. Words were not enough, so I started painting to express my pain. My healing process had begun. 

What about love


What is love? Everyone will tell you something different. When trying to define love - and with decades of research in our back pockets and still searching - could the answer really be as simple as Forrest Gump in this movie suggests, that 'love is a box of chocolates? Or is it more complicated?

Magical bonds


Relationships between grandparents and grandchildren can be very special. Often it can give grandparents a chance to make up for things they regret not having done or having done to or with their own children and it can make grandchildren feel special and loved. My grandma and I meant the world to each other, but it was only after her death I came to understand why. Here’s our story.