Comfort series



One day, I felt a little sad, I went to my studio and started to paint how I felt. It comforted me, and I continued painting in the same style whenever I wanted to express a new feeling. After a while, I started to write short reflections on each painting and feeling. I put them all into this little booklet called 'Comfort me' and hope others can get something out of it too.

You can find all paintings from this series here.

Gender bias


It makes me sad to think of how women are being treated in today's 'modern' workforce (let alone in the world!). Progress is depressingly slow (see McKinsey's latest report on women on the workfloor from October 2020). And gender bias is still an issue many women, like me, face in the workplace. So here's what I, as an artist, am doing about it...

  • I am working on an international exhibition about women where the key question is 'what would a world ruled by women look like'. If you are interested and would like to participate as a contributing artist or sponsor, please contact me. 
  • I have painted a series of female stereotypes as a starting point for discussing gender bias.

Healing Journey


Healing Journey is a series of paintings depicting the phases the heart has to go through, to heal after a personal crisis. The paintings have been on exhibit in March 2019. See the introduction video here. See the online version of the exhibition here.

You can also go here to see and get more details on all the paintings from the Healing Journey exhibition.